Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Always Nice to BBC

Angondje Stadium - Courtesy of BBC News

The BBC news paid a surprise visit to Gabon last week, and one of the topics of interest was Bechtel/ANGT preparations for the CAN 2012 tournament (see BBC article here). On November 10th, the Brazilian national team will play a friendly against the Gabon Panthers in a trial run for the new main stadium at Angondje. The importance of this match is two-fold. Firstly it is an amazing opportunity for the Panthers to debut their soccer prowess against a major international opponent ahead of the Coup d'Afrique. Secondly, it has created a major milestone in the preparations and construction of the Angondje stadium. Work has been progressing well at the stadium as of late, but this new milestone has caused all schedules to be compressed and added more rush to an already tight working environment. All in all, the project team is confident that everything will be ready, and we are all looking forward to enjoying the fruits or our labor as we watch a great match in a beautiful new stadium!

Jeune Afrique Article on Gabon vs. Brazil

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